LCD Mobile Enclosures: Page 2
     LCD Mobile Enclosures Introduction
Small LCD Mobile Enclosures
Medium LCD Mobile Enclosures
Large LCD Mobile Enclosures
Page 2
Page 3
Page 4
Page 5
Mobile Box Extreme: Page 6

Mobile Extreme Enclosures

Page 6

Ultra-Pocket Enclosure: Page 7

Ultra-Pocket Enclosure Hand Held or Tethered

Page 7

Mobile Box Extreme: Page 7

High Profile-Mobile Box Extreme

Page 7

Large LCD Mobile Enclosures: Page 8

Flat Bottom Enclosures

Page 8

High Profile Designs: Page 9

LCD Mobile Enclosures and Pocket Enclosures

Page 9
Pocket Enclosures: Page 10
     Pocket Enclosures Introduction
Small Pocket Enclosures
Medium Pocket Enclosures
Large Pocket Enclosures
Page 10
Page 11
Page 12
Page 13
LCD Hand Held Enclosures: Page 14
     LCD Hand Held Enclosures Introduction
Small LCD Hand Held Enclosures
Large LCD Hand Held Enclosures
Page 14
Page 15
Page 16
Ultra Enclosures: Page 17
     Open Front, Closed Rear
Open Front, Open Rear
Closed Front, Closed Rear
Page 17
Page 18
Page 19
Universal Enclosures & Plug Cases: Page 20
     Universal Enclosures Introduction
Universal Enclosures & Plug Cases
Page 20
Page 21
Keyboard Enclosures: Page 22
     Keyboard Enclosures
Page 22
Flat-Tech Case: Page 23
     Wall Mount or Desk Top
Page 23
Widetech Enclosures - 9 Sizes: Page 24
     Widetech Enclosures Introduction
Small Widetec Enclosures
Medium Widetec Enclosures
Large Widetec Enclosures
Page 24
Page 25
Page 26
Page 27
Slope Enclosures: Page 28
     Slope Enclosures
Page 28
Data Terminal: Page 29
     Data Terminal Introduction
Data Terminal Specifications
Page 29
Page 30
Euro Tech Enclosures: Page 31
     Euro-Tech Enclosures Introduction
Euro-Tech Enclosures Part Number & Specifications
Page 31
Page 32
Pro-Line Enclosures: Page 33
     Pro-Line Enclosures
Page 33
Custom Plates: Page 34

Custom Plates and Specifications

Page 34
Accessories: Page 35

Feet, PCB Mounting Screws, Battery Clips and Belt Clips

Page 35
Custom Enclosure Design: Page 36

CAD Modeling, SLA Prototypes and Custom Tooling

Page 36
Machining/Insert Molding/Engineering: Page 37

Machining/Insert Molding/Engineering

Page 37
EMI Shielding: Page 38

EMI Shielding

Page 38
Membrane Keypads: Page 39

Membrane Keypads, Color Chart & Painting

Page 39
IP & Nema Protection Classes: Page 40

IP & NEMA Protection Classes

Page 40
Catalog Specials: Page 42
     Magic Box Bank
Page 42

    Choose a product or a category to find out more information regarding our products such as Nema plastic enclosures, keyboard enclosures, slope enclosures and other plastic enclosures. We offer a wide variety of hand held plastic enclosures, small pocket enclosures, mobile plastic enclosures and large plastic enclosures. To browse the catalog for the plastic enclosure of your choice, simply choose the appropriate product (for example: slope enclosures or large pocket enclosures) and you will be presented with all necessary information regarding that product. Regardless of what you are interested in, our first priority is to help you choose the Nema plastic enclosure, mobile plastic enclosures, small and large pocket enclosures, keyboard enclosures, slope enclosures, hand held enclosures or any other type of plastic enclosures. Give EAI Enclosures a call at (847)918-9800.

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