LCD Mobile Enclosures




  • Designed case system for mobile data recording and data transfer.
  • 3 different sizes with a total of 8 window sizes.
  • NEW - Height Expander Strip option increases listed heights by 0.39".
  • 3 Standard colors; Off-White, Black and Gray (with a fine textured surface).
  • Recessed control area for membrane keypads.
  • Flat areas for cutouts and insert tooling.
  • Screw bosses for mounting PCBs - top and bottom.
  • Integral battery compartments for 9V or 1.5V (AA) cells.
  • Top cover available with closed recessed operating area.
  • Top cover and end of case available with insert area.
  • Top with display window cutout, for mounting standard LCD-modules.
  • 8 LCD window sizes available.

Note: Custom configurations available using insert tooling on case top.


Optional Orange Rubber Boot
The optional rubber boot provides extra protection for your finished unit. It also has an optional integrated Tilt/Carry/Hang Handle Feature molded in.



 Three Sizes
  L W H*
Small 5.98'' 3.27'' 1.32''
Med. 7.68'' 3.98'' 1.73''
  6.49" 3.98'' 1.73''
Large 9.92'' 4.26" 1.97''
Six New Sizes With Height Expander Strip*
  L W H*
 Small 5.98"  3.27'' 1.70"
  5.98"  3.27'' 2.10"
Med. 7.68''  3.98'' 2.12"
  7.68''  3.98'' 2.51"
Large 9.92''  4.76" 2.36"
  9.92" 4.76" 2.75"
* Increase any height by 0.39" by using surround strip option.
EAI LCD Mobile enclosures are used in a variety of applications including terminals for data recording and transfer of data. Suitable for inside and outside environments.
-NEMA 4 / IP65 sealing kits
-Battery clips for 9V and 4 x 1.5V AA cells
-Snap-on Connector for 9V battery
-Tilt bar for easy viewing
-Battery spacer
-Height Expander Strip
 Stock Colors
Off-White: Pantone Cool Gray 1C
Black: Pantone Black 7C 2X
Gray: Pantone Cool Gray 10C
Special Order
See Page 39 for Color Chart.
 Stock Material
ABS (UL 94 HB rated)
ABS (UL 94 VO rated)
 Insert Molding
Custom insert molding within recessed area can significantly reduce machining costs for many applications. An insert area is also available on the top end of the case. Call for minimum quantities.

Modifications Per Customers Requirements and Technical Information

- For CNC machining turn to page 37
- For EMI/RFI shielding turn to page 38
- For screen printing and tampo printing turn to page 39
- For NEMA /IP protection classification turn to page 40
- For color information turn to page 39

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