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Electrodag™ conductive coatings are designed to protect enclosed electronic devices against radiated electromagnetic interference and electrostatic discharge. These Electrodag™ coatings are expertly formulated to achieve optimal performance in electrically hostile environments, and full compliance with emissions regulations worldwide.

Product Pigment Binder Diluent Dilution Ratio Resistance
Theoretical Coverage
sq ft/gal@ 1 mil
Electrodag SP-010 Silver-plated Copper Acrylic  None   Ready for Use < 0.075  225  > 75 Plastics
Electrodag SP-011 Silver-plated Copper & Silver Flake Acrylic None  Ready for Use < 0.040 176  > 75  Plastics
Electrodag SP-012 Silver & Tin Vinyl / Acrylic MEK/MIBK If Necessary
1:1 ratio
< 0.025 200 > 75 Plastics

Electrodag™ materials are UL recognized per UL746C for adhesion to commonly used plastics for enclosure applications.
For more details on specific UL approvals contact Acheson Colloids Company at 1-800-255-1908.


This guide provides typical properties for the materials listed; these values are not to be used as a basis fora specification.
Electrodag™ is a registered trademark of Acheson Industries, Inc.

Some information provided by permission of the Acheson Colloids Company



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