Universal Enclosures


Shell enclosure with a high gloss finish. PCB mounting bosses and unique flexibility allow this enclosure to be used for many applications.
  • Functional housings to fit your budget.
  • 6 sizes, 4 versions.
  • Desktop or wall-mounting (rubber feet and snap-lock optional).
  • Raised end panels for control mounting.
  • PCB mounting bosses.
  • Version with tilt/handle bar.
  • Vented version available.


Plug Enclosures

See Page 21 for US, British and French plug types.
Plug configurations available for other countries. Call for details.


Six Sizes
  L W H
 Size 1 3.93"  1.96"  0.98"
 Size 2 3.93"  1.96"   1.57"
 Size 3  4.72"  2.55"    1.57"
 Size 4  4.72"  2.55"   2.55"
 Size 5  5.90"  3.14"   1.96"
 Size 6  7.44"  4.33"   2.36"

Versatile enclosure with limitless possibilities.
 Version I
Standard case. Screw bosses for mounting PCBs with self-tapping screws.
 Version II
Same as Version I but with Carry Handle/Tilt Bar.
 Version III
Same as Version I but with vented top. Made from fire retardant ABS (UL94 VO) material.
 Version IV
Same as Version I but with built-in wall plug. Made from fire retardant ABS (UL94VO) material.
 Stock Colors
Off-White: Pantone Cool Gray 1C
Black: Pantone Black 7C 2X
Gray: Pantone 413C
See Page 30 for Color Chart

Custom colors available
All cases in a fine textured surface.
 Stock Material
(UL 94 HB)
(UL 94 VO)
Also available in other materials to special order
 Optional Orange Rubber Boot
The optional rubber boot provides extra protection for your finished unit. It also has an integrated Tilt/Carry/Hang Handle Feature molded in.

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