Pro-Line Enclosures


Electronic enclosure with a fine textured finish. The three-part snap together design can also be additionally secured with screws. PCB mounting bosses are located on top and bottom of enclosure. The front plate can slide in or can be screwed onto the front of the enclosure. Optional tilt feet provide the proper viewing angle. (OPEN ONE END)

Dimensions and Part Numbers for Pro-Line Enclosures
L x W x H
in Inches
I 5.90" x 4.64" x 2.24"  PRO-637
II 5.90" x 4.64" x 2.24"  PRO-687
I 7.48" x 5.82" x 2.63" PRO-737
II 7.48" x 5.82" x 2.63" PRO-787
Front Plate PRO-637 & PRO-687 PROP-121
Front Plate for PRO-737 & PRO-787 PROP-151
Strain Relief & Screws ASC-05
Tilt Foot, 2 pcs. ATF-01
Card Guide ACG-01
Case Locking Screws ASC-06
Battery clips, 4 x 1.5V AA  ABC-01
Snap-On Connector 1 x 9V Battery ABC-06
Two Sizes
  L W H
Small 5.90" 4.64"  2.24"
Med. 7.48"  5.82"  2.63"
Medical devices
Computer peripherals
Test equipment
 Version I
Non-vented, no battery compartment.
 Version II
Non-vented with battery compartment for 4 x 1.5V AA cells or 2 x 9V batteries.
Strain relief device
Tilt foot/recessed
Card guides
Additional locking screws
Battery clip sets
Front plate (slide-in)
Front plate (screw-on)
Carrying handle - Call!
 Stock Colors

Top and Bottom
Off-White: Pantone Cool Gray 1C
Gray: Pantone Gray 413C
See Page 39 for Color Chart

 Stock Material
High-impact ABS (UL 94 HB)
High-impact ABS (UL 94 VO)
Special materials available.

Modifications Per Customers Requirements and Technical Information
- For CNC machining turn to page 37
- For EMI/RFI Shielding turn to page 38
- For screen printing and tampo printing turn to page 39
- For material properties turn to page 41
- For NEMA/IP protection classification turn to page 40
- For color information turn to page 39



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