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Enclosure Products - Plastic Enclosures
Hand Held Enclosures and Small Enclosures
LCD Mobile Enclosures
Designed case system for mobile data recording and data transfer
LCD Mobile Information
LCD Mobile Case Database
LCD Mobile Accessories

Pocket Box Enclosures
Pocket enclosures are small housings that make a big impact.
Pocket Box Information
Pocket Box Case Database
Pocket Box Accessories

LCD Hand Held Enclosures
LCD Hand Held enclosures have been used in data management for over 20 years.
LCD Hand Held Information
LCD Hand Held Case Database
LCD Hand Held Accessories

Ultra Enclosures
Ultra enclosures come in three basic configurations.
Ultra Information
Ultra Case Database
Ultra Accessories

Universal & Plug Enclosures
Shell enclosure with a high gloss finish.
U & P Information
U & P Case Database
U & P Accessories

Desktop Enclosures, Slope Enclosures, Keyboard Enclosures, Wall Mount Enclosures
Widetec Enclosures
Shell enclosure with a high gloss finish.
Widetec Information
Widetec Case Database
Widetec Accessories

Slope Enclosures
Slope enclosures designed for many desktop control applications come in four basic models.
Slope Information
Slope Case Database
Slope Accessories

Euro Tech Enclosures
Euro cases are designed for many desktop applications.
Euro Information
Euro Case Database
Euro Accessories

Data Terminal Enclosures
The EAI Data Terminal enclosure line is a large family of flexible cases with a variety options to accommodate almost every need.
Data Terminal Information
Data Terminal Case Database
Data Terminal Accessories

Pro-Line Enclosures
Electronic enclosure with a fine textured finish.
Pro-Line Information
Pro-Line Case Database
Pro-Line Accessories

Flat-Tech Enclosures
Flat pack enclosures are a cost effective solution for many housing needs.
Flat-Tech Information
Flat-Tech Case Database
Flat-Tech Accessories

Keyboard Enclosures
This enclosure can withstand heavy use from heavy hands.
Keyboard Information
Keyboard Case Database
Keyboard Accessories