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Pocket Boxes
Perfectly designed...Molded to your needs.

Pocket enclosures are small housings that make a big impact. Specially designed for pulse generation and receiving this case can be molded in PMMA (plexiglass®) to serve infrared applications. Used in many monitoring and remote control systems this sturdy enclosure accepts an array of modifications to make it your own. Internal battery configurations are available for 9V, AA, AAA and N cell batteries. A NEMA 4 sealing kit is available when outdoor use is necessary and can be modified to be nearly watertight. The recessed control area serves as a perfect host for many standard membrane keypads and can be modified using EAI's custom insert tooling. Stocked in black, white and gray, this attractive enclosure is readily available in a fine textured finish.

  • Tested to protection class NEMA 4 / IP65.
  • Specially designed case system for pulse generation and receiving.
  • NEW - Surround strip option increases any listed height by 0.4”.
  • Infra-red versions permeable to infra-red signals.
  • Recessed control area for membrane keyboards on top of case.
  • Flat areas for CNC machining and keypads.
  • Screw bosses for mounting PCBs.
  • Internal battery compartment for internal power supply.
  • Available in 3 different sizes, each in black, white and gray.
  • Fine textured finish.
  • Recessed areas have insert tooling option for customization.

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