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Custom Plastic Enclosures

Advanced Custom Enclosure Design

Standard plastic enclosures are not the only products EAI Enclosures sells. We also specialize in custom plastic enclosures and tooling. We will be more then happy to assist you in creating your own custom waterproof enclosure, your custom battery enclosure or any other custom enclosure that you may need. The designers on our team understand the specific necessities of every client and will do everything to create the perfect custom plastic enclosure just for your needs. If you have a suggestion for our designers or a custom plastic enclosure that you would like to see us sell, we will be glad to hear from you. You can reach EAI Enclosures by calling (847)918-9800.

An example of a custom waterproof design with insert molded battery leads.

Custom Enclosure Design

Let the EAI enclosure design team help you develop your World Class custom enclosure using the following steps.

1. A simple sketch, description or drawing is all we need to get you started on a custom design.

2. Our design team will review your product requirements and develop an initial proposal. We have years of experience integrating our customers needs with custom designs.

3. After your input and approval we�ll use our high end CAD (computer aided design) software to supply you with a full set of 2D drawings, 3D color drawings and SLA prototype sample for physical viewing and QC approval.

4. After you receive and approve the final prototype you can specify your membrane switches, overlays, EMI/RFI requirements and silk screening needs.

5. We can take you from concept to SLA (stereo lithography) prototypes in days! Not weeks.

Custom Enclosure Tooling Program

1. Our state-of-the-art EDM tool making machines can use the same IGES file used to design your SLA prototype samples thus making the transition from prototype to final tooling with less chance of human error.

2. Once the tooling is complete you will be provided with a first shot for approval.

3. After the first shot is approved we will apply final texture / finish to the mold and supply final shot for color match approval and final testing.

4. Production run: our wide variety of services also allow us to perform robotic at-press secondary operations that allow you to split production runs with special cutouts for different production needs.

5. From small hand held enclosures to desktop enclosures we have 29 years of experience providing off-the-shelf enclosures, semi-custom and custom enclosures.