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LCD Mobile
Designed case system for mobile data recording and data transfer

  • 3 different sizes with a total of 9 window sizes
  • 3 Standard colors; off-white, black and grey (with a fine textured surface)
  • Recessed control area for membrane keypads
  • Flat areas for cutouts and insert tooling
  • Screw bosses for mounting PCB's - Top and Bottom
  • Integral battery compartments for 9V or 1.5V (AA) cells
  • Top available with closed recessed operating area
  • Top end of case available with insert area
  • Top with display window cut-out, for mounting standard LCD-modules
New! Expansion system increases case height by 0.4".


Three Sizes

  L W H
 Large  9.92''  4.76''  1.97''
 Med.  7.68''  3.98''  1.73''
 Small  5.98''  3.27''  1.32''

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