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Perfectly designed...Molded to your needs.

The Widetec enclosure line performs many desktop application needs. A variety of footprints and heights are available with more being designed every year. Vertical guides are molded into the front and back sides to accommodate aluminum panels or molded sloping fronts are an option for easy display viewing and easy control access. Designed for a screw less assembly and tool disassembly particularly important in medical applications. Some models have an optional handle available for portable necessities.

  • Available in nine sizes
  • Stocked in white and black
  • Insert tooling available
  • Machining available
  • Silk screening available
  • EMI shielding available

Version Dimensions
  W D H
 Size 1  9.25''  6.50''  2.36''
 Size 2  9.25''  6.50''  3.35''
 Size 3  9.25''  6.50''  4.33''
 Size 4  8.07''  5.51''  1.97''
 Size 5  8.07''  5.51''  2.95''
 Size 6  8.07''  5.51''  3.99''
 Size 7  6.10''  4.13''  1.57''
 Size 8  6.10''  4.13''  2.56''
 Size 9  6.10''  4.13''  3.54''

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